Meet Bridget

Many companies have a marketing department or a graphic designer but hire out to perform special projects like annual reports or directories. That’s where I come in. I can design a project on an as-needed basis, saving the company money in the long run.

Bridget Gurtowsky

Graphic Designer

After working in various marketing roles, I started my own graphic design business in 2008 and have been serving small business clients, publishers, and non-profits ever since.

Here’s what makes Gurtowsky Graphics LLC different:

Timeline Assurance

Are we working toward a specific due date? With Gurtowsky Graphics, there’s no need to worry. I meet my deadlines every time.

Secure Storage

I store my clients’ data on secure servers and don’t charge extra. This keeps us organized, and makes it easy to start new work.

You Own Your Assets

Unlike some online tools and ad agencies, you retain the rights to your assets. I don’t “own” the products; the clients do.

The Perfect Finish

I don’t have limited proofing cycles. We’ll work through any revisions your project might need until you’re satisfied.

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Proud Member of BNI

BNI has been an integral part of growing my business, building referral sources and relationships,
and learning about how other industries work. I have been in BNI as long as I have been in business, since 2008.